The rhetoric that Black creators must comment on societal shortcomings with the same diligence as politicians is not a novelty in Hollywood.

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Sam Levinson’s late January release Malcolm & Marie channeled a specific Hollywood classic aesthetic. The film explores an explosive fight between director Malcolm and his girlfriend after returning from his film premiere. Malcolm forgot to thank Marie during the premiere and this avalanches a night of brutal back and forth. Although a simple plot, this narrative structure had potential since it very openly mirrors the multi-academy winning Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Evidently, audiences love watching the unfiltered experiences of couples (when it’s done well).

Despite the narrative’s exploration of toxic relationships, however, a standout theme was the exploration of…

As a writer/poet I often feel the desire to remove my identity from my work. This desire seemed random and unwarranted to me until I examined the role of women within various industries. I soon realised that the success of many female musicians for example Jorja smith or even TV presenters such as Maya Jama was often paired with their conventional beauty. This is not to say that these women are untalented and cheated their way up; i actually adore Jorja as a musician. What I am saying , though, is that the work of these undoubtedly stunning women became…

Kimberly Nhundu

English literature student learning to use my words

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